HoundworthyAs  all you stylish dog owners out there will know there are so many websites for dogs it’s a mine field when it comes to finding products that are right for your hairy best friend. They for the sublime to the ridiculous, featuring everything from cream cashmere cable knits for tiny pampered pooches which clearly never leave the house (or maybe in a handbag) to nasty food and treats you wouldn’t feed to your dog – literally11. I find it virtually impossible to sort my Winalot from my Wainrights and tend to stick to shopping in my local pet shop, for the best range of treats and accessories.

If you are not lucky enough to have a quality local pet store you might want to check out Houndworthy.com founded by entrepreneurial duo Morgan Cummins and Jo Holdaway. They offer a beautifully curated collection of more than 150 handmade products for fashion-forward owners and their dogs, including hand-cut Italian leather collars and leads, stylish custom-made bandanas and even hand-baked treats made from Cornish sardines.

Houndworthy 2Co-founder Morgan Cummins, said: “We wanted to create something that championed life with dogs but in a way that is genuinely authentic and unlike anything else in the marketplace. Whilst we believe our online store offers a selection of the finest dog goods ever assembled, we also wanted to celebrate all those meaningful experiences, feelings and images that fellow dog owners already enjoy and share. Owning a dog is a rewarding and life changing experience – just ask any dog owner!”

Further roll-out of partnerships, pop-up shops, and festivals are planned later this year and updates will be posted on the website.

I particularly like the Treat Gift Boxes which start at £24 and would make lovely presents.

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