Get away from it all with Sisterhood Camp

I’ve been hot, bothered and a little bit stressed this week as London reached a revolting 33 degrees. Yes it may be lovely if you are by a pool, or live on the coast, but trust me, the 149 bus on Kingsland Road is not the place to be if you are also having extreme hot flushes! Add in not sleeping (for about the last 20 years!) and I have been fantasising on an almost hourly basis about A. Living in Margate full time (not going to happen) and B. Having a holiday.

Getting away from it all and having a digital detox is increasingly a ‘thing’ as we are all far too attached to our smart phones for our own good and switching off from work and constant information overload is nigh on impossible.

Reading my friend Rohini’s blog The Beat My Heart Skipped I came across the perfect solution to our always ‘on’ lives – Sisterhood Camp. Just the name is enough to get me hooked – well maybe not the camp bit – but Sisterhood, what’s not to like?

Set up by creative Lou Archell, the camps provide biannual retreats, small intimate workshops and suppers for women and aim to embrace a slower, more gentler pace of life through creativity, connection, fireside chats and sisterly support.

The next event is in Wales from the 22nd of June to the 25th and costs from £560.00 and includes:

It sounds idyllic and I will definitely be trying to find the time to find the time to sign up for the one day Harvest and Slow Living workshop in September.  Anyone fancy joining me?



  • Sue Evans says:

    Can’t offer any of the above Jane but you are always welcome to borrow our house for a long weekend retreat in exchange for feeding the cat, while I organise a longed-for retreat to Hastings for myself ! Ryanair to Limoges or Poitiers and then you could borrow our car and it’s a 40 minute drive to Chez Gigi ……

  • Sarah Peel says:

    Oh no, more evidence my life isn’t good enough!

  • Jane says:

    What a lovely thought Sue, might just take you up on that. Or even a house swap if you fancy Stoke Newington – thats if I can ever get rid of my kids!!


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