Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes by Valeria Napoleone

valaria napoleone cook book

I have to confess I haven’t even SEEN this recipe book, it might be rubbish, although I doubt it, but I have something of a girl-crush on the exotic sounding Valeria, who not only writes cookery books, but also is a renowned hostess and cook as well as being feminist art purchaser, in that she only buys art by women. She looks hugely stylish and lots of fun, and I have to confess to having stalked her around Frieze Art Fair more than once.

I mean, wouldn’t you want a cookery book written by someone who looks and lives like this…

valaria napoleone

There’s a proper interview with her with the New York Times T magazine here, she sounds awesome, the book is going on my Christmas list.

Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes

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