Youth Liberator Serum Foundation from Yves Saint Laurent


Do you remember we wrote about the excellent Forever Light Creator Serum from Yves Saint Laurent? Well the range has been extended to include a serum based foundation, and jolly good it is too.

There’s been a lot of science and development in skin creams and foundations recently, all targeted at the more mature women – we’ve got the cash and we like a bit of quality – it’s getting hard to keep up. But I’ve tried the Youth Liberator range and up to now, it’s been my benchmark for ‘this works fabulously’ on my skin. There have been others nearly as good and certainly cheaper ones that do a good job for the money, but this one’s my favourite.

This new foundation is also good, it’s denser than the lighter weight and slightly twinkly Teint Touche Eclat foundation (still my favourite) and might suit you if you like better coverage. It smooths and slightly lifts your look instantly, which comes from the Glycanactif complex and the addition of a serum, every new skin care range has a magic science ingredient nowadays, as we’ve said many a time before. More about it here

There’s been loads written about how good this new Yves Saint Laurent skincare range is by people way better qualified than us to comment, but i got a chance to ask Fred Letailleur, European make up atist at Yves Saint Laurent, if the brand really was leading the market in this type of super-scienced foundation, ‘It’s a big thing to be claiming, but we are one of the world leaders, yes, ‘ he said ‘we know this product delivers because we see our clients coming back.’ Fair point.

He said there’s been so much development in skin care in the last few years, it’s probably worth checking into a good make up department (he’d advise Yves Saint Laurent, obvs) to check out what’s new. He continued ‘What I see with anyone over 35 is that it’s easy to lose track on what works and what doesn’t, there’s a moment you reach  when you don’t know what to do to move forward and you get lost in all these products. in the last five years the advances have been intense, even for make up artists it’s hard to keep up.”

I thought this was a good piece of advice, it’s true that it’s easy to just keep going with what you’ve always done with both skin care and foundation, but there really have been some big leaps forward. Might it be time for a revamp?



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