Forever Light Creator Serum by Yves Saint Laurent

forever light creater ysl

YvesSaintLaurent is really working hard on its skin care ranges, you may remember we mentioned the Forever Youth Liberator serum and cream here, and now we have a magic lotion that will smooth the skin tone and help you glow with a luminosity you may need sunglasses to cope with. The just launched Forever Light Creator Serum is a pearly liquid (actually, pearly in Europe and US, but clear in Asia) that calms redness, lightens dark spots and gives your skin better texture, according to the majority of the 41 women between the age of 42-65 it was trialled on. Something called Glycanactif is mentioned as a new wonder ingredient, isn’t there always one?

I got a sample to trial too and it is rather impressive. You apply it to skin over moisturiser and it does give a lovely glow. If you are wearing less make up in the heat, then this makes your skin look nicely finished. It has quickly slotted into my beauty routine as a ‘use everyday’ product. Nice. Buy Forever Light Creator Serum here



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