When did you last change your foundation? YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat


I’ve been desperate to try the new Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation from YSL ever since I heard about it. I am acutely aware I haven’t changed my foundation for yonks and the science of foundations has moved on big time in the last year or two. After a bit of nagging, the nice people at YSL sent me over a sample to try and I can confirm it really is very lovely on those of us who no longer have the skin of a 22 year old.

Jane loves her BB creams and I have used tinted moisturisers for years, neither of us much like that fully made up look a heavy foundation creates. But there are times when I want a bit more coverage and a more groomed finish (not that often, but you know, a girl’s gotta put in an effort now and then). Le Teint Touche Eclat is very light and smooth to apply and feels like more of a protective layer than a foundation. It really is excellent on, long lasting and easy to blend.

Also, having a YSL bottle on your dressing table looks very grown up, there’s no doubt the label takes glamour a bit more seriously than I do. The elegant glass and gold bottle looks like a very chic French cousin over on exchange from Paris, slightly lowering her standards by mixing with her scruffier, British cosmetic relations. It could just be me but the bottle seems to edge away from the skankier bits of my make up area while I’m not looking.

To get a more professional opinion on what we should look out for when selecting a new foundation now we’re a little older, we asked Fred Letailleur, the Northern European Makeup Artist for Yves Saint Laurent, a few questions. He told us that you should first cleanse and thoroughly moisturise your skin (any foundation will look rubbish on skin that isn’t properly moisturised) after which it’s all about the texture…..(imagine Fred’s replies said with the gentlest of French accents…)

TWR What tips would you give anyone thinking of changing foundation brands -perhaps for the first time since their early 20s in some cases? There’s so much to choose from and so much science blurb, most of which we don’t believe, what’s really important to remember?

FL Every day I meet women confused on the choices they should make about their changing make-up routine. Texture is everything. Feel on the back of your hand, test it in front of a bright light. Foundation selection is more than ever a precise matter now as many brands are using different undertones per shade.

Ask to try 3 colours on the front of your chin, select the one you are happy with according to what you wish for, then apply on one half of the face and compare. Finally, apply on the rest. Judge how light the foundation feels and ask to see if it is adaptable for a better coverage. There is no reason why you should ask for less. A good foundation should melt within the skin and after a few minutes not look powdery. You should not need a powder to set it if you do not wish to, and like for Le Teint Touche Eclat contain a decent SPF.

TWR Is there anything we should remember about applying foundation to our skin now we have a softer, less elastic skin surface to work with?

FL As you age, your skin becomes finer, therefore, apply a lightweight foundation like Le Teint Touche Eclat which does not contain any powder fillers (generally associated with heaviness) and use a foundation brush. If you struggle with the finish of your foundation, perfect the result with a rolling of the YSL Buffing Brush for a true natural coverage.

TWR I’ve tried and loved the new Touche Eclat foundation, it seems to go only very smoothly and the texture is gorgeous, what’s so special about this product?

FL The texture of Le Teint Touche Eclat does not contain any powder filler, which stops the texture setting ‘dry’ on the skin. It’s got an imperfection diffusing gel texture for comfort and finish, contains a SPF 19, and brings back to your skin that soft holiday glow you have after a week in the sun thanks to a liquid gold pigment that reflects light and erase signs of fatigue. It is the perfect companion to the altogether Magical Touche Eclat.


So there you go. If it’s been a while since you updated your foundation, or you’ve always been put off by the starchy looks some of the heavier ones give you, you might want to try this. It’s available on line, but really you need to pop into a store to check out the right colour for you, as Fred said (there are 22 colours in the range). At £28 it’s not Superdrug prices, but I’ve always thought foundation was a bit like fragrance and shoes, when you can, buy the best you can afford.

image from tales of a beauty journo

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