Middleagemum.com: box-set fever and the lost weekend

mad men 01I have just lost the weekend to the recently released box set of Mad Men 6. I started watching on Friday night and before I knew it, it was Sunday lunchtime.

I tried to stop, really I did, but there were some VERY good reasons to keep going. I’ve listed what happened, In case you ever need to explain to your family how you lost a whole weekend to Don and Roger, Joan and Peggy. You’re welcome.

1) Mad Men 6 is brilliant TV, it has a compelling plot line that drags you in, the first episode is an hour long so of course you’re hooked. The writers worked really hard to get that tension and its only polite to watch the next episode, they would want that. And you know that if you do, you’ll sleep better.

2) Episode two is also very compelling and ends on a cliff hanger. You’d better just quickly watch episode three.

3) Just one more.

4) Oh, it’s 1.30 am.

mad men 025) Saturday morning, breakfast in front of the TV is a grown up treat that happily coincides with not having much else to do. And episode four.

6) I can skip yoga this weekend, and food shopping, lunch, organising the spare room for friends who are staying next week, the gardening, the ironing and getting ahead with my next week blog posts. Episodes five, six and seven.

7) It’s perfectly justifiable to watch TV all day, this is Mad Men, the clothes are fabulous, It’s really just research for work. Episode eight.

8) Cook your own supper, Don might win the Chevy Account!

9) Oh sorry, were we supposed to be going out? Episode nine.

10) I’m at the bit where they layer on the Martin Luther King shooting, I’m learning how this impacted on real Americans, this is, in fact, a valuable social history lesson, I’d better watch a bit more carry on extending my education.

11) It probably wan’t a good idea to start drinking like Mad Men, it looks cool on screen but if I carry on like this,   will be dead by the end of disc two.

12), Pete, is it surprising no one likes you? ‘throws cushions at TV’.

13) It can’t possibly be 3.00am? Can it?

women on mad men14) No I haven’t slept on the sofa all night. But since I’m still here…episode eleven.

15) “Hello, yes I’m so sorry to call so late, but I’ve woken up with the most terrible sore throat, I’m going to have to cancel our lunch date, I know, I’m sad too…” Episode twelve.

16) The crap Joan and Peggy have to put up with! Do you realise how sexist things were back then, those girls were pioneers! This is feminism #one in action! I can’t possibly stop watching now, the girls need my support.

17) THERE’S JUST one EPISODE TO GO. I CAN’T STOP NOW……I’ll unload the dishwasher/do the bins all week/promise not to nag anyone/stop moaning about how inappropriate Grand Theft Auto 5 is/be everywhere early…. if i can just carry on watching….

18) It’s over. ‘Suddenly remembers work deadlines, family conversations I should have had, children I should have hugged/talked to, friends I should have telephoned, hobbies I was intending to start, husband I should have gone for a walk with the beautiful autumn sunshine and life that happened while I was lost.’

Sinks into sofa and weeps.

BOX SETS….Don’t let them into your life!


  • tina says:

    Don’t even start Breaking Bad! 62+ episodes. We were watching them until 3 in the morning and had to be up for work at 8. It took over our lives. Absolutely brilliant stuff

  • amanda says:

    Tina, I daren’t go anywhere near Breaking Bad until Christmas and we have a good week of sofa-sitting and no work to cope with the commitment needed! A

  • Sarah/Lilac says:

    Ha ha, great diary of a box set addict. How are you dealing with cold turkey? Masters Of Sex and Gogglebox are my must watches on tv at the moment.

  • Tiffany says:

    Another voice warning against Breaking Bad :) Self, Spouse and Kid 1 (16) were utterly addicted …

  • Monix says:

    My box set of Mad Men arrived today – I’m channeling Betty Draper discipline not to open it until the weekend!

  • amanda says:

    just book nothing for the weekend, that’s all I’m saying Mon, A

  • Jogroglog says:

    Box sets also lead to your body falling apart …

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