Jelly cubes, the most reliable nail strengthener we’ve found

jellyWhen I was about 14, I suffered from terrible split nails, teenage hormones playing havoc with my attempts to grow them into anything other than flakey stumps. Someone told me to eat two jelly cubes a day for three months and it would cure the flaking, so I tried it and from then on I had nails I could un do screws with, such was their strength.

All was well for decades, then came the menopause and my nails reverted to splitting again. I tired all the fancy nail oils, creams and varnishes and although they made my nails look and feel lovely, nothing cured the splitting. So I thought I’d give the jelly a go again. Two cubes daily for there months. Guess what? It worked, I now have nails of steel again. I have no idea of the science behind this, or even if there IS science behind it, but since jelly is pretty cheap, you might want to give its go. Just sayin’.



  • Deborah Chowney says:

    And it tastes good too!

  • Becky says:

    My Nan used to do this. I thought she was barmy at the time but maybe not !!! Sadly no cubes of jelly available here so I’ll just have to make do with regular manicures instead !!!!

  • Mysse Lagerstedt says:

    Dear Amanda,

    I have been fighting with my nails for years now and is desperates to find a method of Cure.

    Can you advise me where I can obtain the said jelly and does it have a brand name?

    Look forward to hear from you
    Best regards

  • Elin says:

    The jelly contains collagen, a protein you find in meat and especially the bones and cartilage. Jelly is made from animal bones, so it´s basically collagen. You can get the same effect from making good, old fashioned bone broth. That way you get even more of the nutrition from the bones and marrow.

    If you want you can just dissolve 1-2 tsp gelatin (from any good, organic brand) in some water and drink it. If you want the effect of growth hormones you drink it on an empty belly.

    More about broth and gelatin:


  • Amanda says:

    To be honest I just use any old jelly I find in the supermarket, it’s usually in the baking section, but I think I’m going to be making beef broth from now on……Ax

  • LizT says:

    My nails were in a terrible state. They kept splitting and none of the paint-on treatments worked. I have tried this and I can honestly say my nails are transformed. Thank you – another brilliant and timely tip.

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  • My thumb nails split all the time so I have started eating jelly cubes just have to wait an see what happens now

  • Fiona Wilson says:

    Same here, always used to eat a jelly cube a day when I was in my late teens and always had lovely nails. I’m now in the menopause and have low thyroid so my nails have taken a battering. I forgot about the jelly cubes but came to start eating jelly as it is zero points in weight watchers (the sugar free sort). Guess what, nails are getting really strong again! Happy days

  • Nicola Burbidge says:

    I use Hartley jelly it really does work

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