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secret linen store 04This is interesting, The Secret Linen Store, a new bedlinen company launching entirely on line and aiming to produce top quality, nicely designed  bedlinen at very good prices.

We get daily emails here at TWR on new start ups and design companies wanting a mention, many (most actually) aren’t quite our thing, but occasionally you get one come through that gets design, quality, communication and price absolutely right. The team behind TSLS are two sisters, Molly and Harriet, both with years of experience in both textile design and bedlinen retail. Their idea is to supply lovely bedlinen in a stylish range of fabrics and colours directly to the consumer, with the end price being much less than expected for such high quality.

The website is written with a fresh and open style, with lots on the girls, the bedlinen and top tips for getting your selection right. A small point of genius is that they will send out fabric swatches of anything you like the look of so you can feel it yourself and match it up with what you already have. I did this last week and it was really useful.

secret linenWe asked Molly a few questions,

TWR We love the idea of sending samples of the bedding fabrics through the post, do you think that really helps people make a better choice?

TSLS We sure do. This sample service is unique, no other online retailer is offering this service. When buying online, it can be difficult to really portray the beautiful textures and patterns in a picture. Having real samples to touch and feel is a bonus and can really help to make decisions.

It is also really hard for us to ensure that the image that you are seeing on screen is true for colour, Your screen will be different to the next computer. We would rather that the customer sees real colour. Having a small swatch is also really helpful when shopping for other textiles for the bedroom, curtains, paint colours or rugs for example. You can take the swatch along and make sure everything works together. We will also add some of our suggestions, as we know the range well, we can suggest complimenting cushions and sheets etc. So there are lots of positives to having samples!.

TWR, while we’re on fabric selection, a few of us get hot flushes at night.. We’re too hot then too cold…What fabric would you advise us to consider?

TSLS All of our bed linens are 100% cotton, so there are no concerns about warming you up in the way that poly cotton can. Cotton being a natural fibre is breathable and will not increase your body temperature. However, our soft finish bed linens, as they are brushed and snugly, are slightly heavier than our classic finish bed linen sets. I would advise our smooth sateen finish if you are a warm sleeper.

secret linen store 01TWR Your prices really do seem amazingly good, how can you produce good quality products at these prices?

TSLS It really is quite simple. Our products are exactly the same as you will find on the high street, we make everything in the same factories, absolutely not compromising in the quality. The reason we are able to offer the customer fantastic prices, is because of the retail model that we use. We do not have big warehouses, lots of staff or bricks and mortar stores. By cutting out these bits of the traditional retail supply chain, we can work on much smaller margins. We pass that saving on to you. You can follow this link to see our little movie to explain why we can be cheaper.

TWR I really fancy the denim range, but it’s not denim coloured, is that a weave?

TSLS It is!. A denim weave has distinctive pattern and texture is and is woven in the same way that the denim in your jeans is. The fabric is then finished with our soft finish, making a ‘has to be touched to be believed’ relaxed feel. We have 4 colours in this range, in duvet covers, pillowcases and flat sheets. All of the colours work really well together so you can mix and match them. We recommend a sateen finish sheet with a tiny pattern to coordinate with this range.

It’s a lovely range, I have the denim collection (in cream) on order as feeling the swatch convinced me. The girls sound lovely too, so we really hope they do well. See the website here

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