Fornasetti’s Giardino Segreto and Flora Di Fornasetti scented candle collection

owls fornasettiI’m a late-to-the-party lover of all things Fornasetti, I was never a fan of all that black and white crockery and the brand has been through some ups and downs in terms of success, but things have changed and I’m now a complete convert.

Last week I had a proper introduction to the brand, via the launch of it’s new decorative scented candle collections, Giardino Segreto (secret garden to you and me) and Flora di Fornasetti, which has evolved around my favourite flower, the hydrangea. Both smell very good indeed, lighter and more elegant than most home candles.

The scent from Fornasetti candles acts like a fragrance, which makes them a little different from most scented candles and since I’m a sucker for anything fragrance-linked, this got me hooked. Whereas most candles give off one combined fragrance all at once, sometimes resulting in a heavy fug, the Fornasetti ones develop, so the delicious Giardino Segreto starts off with greeny notes of bergamot and cypress and develops into a more herby thyme/vetiver number over a period of time.

The Flora di Fornasetti fragrance is inspired by the Fornasetti garden in Milan, which is full of hydrangeas. I would be nit-picking if I pointed out that hydrangeas don’t actually smell of anything as of course this is the world of fragrance make believe, so this candle starts off with a lily of the valley hit, then moves to a jasmine/ orange blossom moment before settling down around tuberose and sandalwood. It’s Gorgeous.

fornasetti 01And of course, all the Fornasetti candles are encased in beautifully decorative china. The Giardino Segreto range comes in two different designs, Balaustra and Giardino Segreto, and both have OWLS on the chinaware, I mean, that’s enough motivation to buy on its own, cute little owls…..

fornasetti candles hydrangeaThe hydrangea illustrations on the Flora di Fornasetti ranges are just lovely, they brighten up the black and white beautifully and I’m going to have to put that giant three wick candle on my wish list. There’s a room spray included in the range too and all the Fornasetti designs can be seen at Selfridges and Harrods

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