Gay Geranium lipstick from No7

gay geranium n07

I was drawn to this lipstick by the story surrounding it. Frst launched in 1956, this cheery Gay Geranium colour way has been in action as a top performing lipstick colour for Boots ever since. Which makes her four years older than me and looking pretty good on it. Also it’s called Gay Geranium, who wouldn’t love a lipstick with such a joyously time-warped name?

Apparently, so rumour has it, Boots tried to remove it from the range back in the mid 80s but there was such a rumpus about it that they left it well alone.  It’s now the grand dame of their lipstick colour range and very lovely it is too. Luckily it fits in with the current obsession with corally coloured lippies, it’s bold and cheerful, perfect for sunny days. Also lasts for ages. Buy here

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