Succulents are having a moment!

SuccelentsSucculents have long been firm favourites of mine. I love their weird almost Jurassic shapes and colours and the fact they need little or no attention. They grow like wildfire and are easy to divide up and re-distribute into a variety of interesting containers. They see to be having something of a fashion moment and along with the wonderful cactus, are popping up all the most fashionable clothing shops and florists.

succulents2Here is a little inspiration, if like me you are going to spend part of the glorious (well it is here in London!) bank holiday giving your succulents a little love and care.

If you don’t own any, get yourself off to the garden centre, or if you are in London, take a look at Grace & Thorn’s pop up shop in the wonderful vintage shop, Blitz London. Nik, the owner of Grace & Thorn has a studio next to mine and her off beat floral arrangements combine a wild, rustic, natural aesthetic with a contemporary urban sensibility .

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