Summer decorating ideas

Bon Bon Balloons 2There’s nothing I love more than a special occasion that requires major house decoration. In fact sometimes I think I enjoy the preparation more than the party itself.

I’m always on the look out for interesting ideas and new companies, as it’s often hard to find tasteful party products.

Bon Bon BalloonsBon Bon Balloons is based in Hackney (obvs!) and offers a new take on party balloons. The balloons come in a rainbow of colours, each with a hand crafted decorative string, which can be individually designed for a bespoke present. They also offer a design service for special occasions and can create specific colours and themes.

CarnationsI went to my first ever baby shower this weekend (they’re a “thing” now) and loved the way the host had used carnation to create floral garlanda. No longer a garage forecourt flower, carnations are having a moment and this is super easy to do. Simply string some thin wire or nylon thread through the carnation and hang – you could also use roses but they might not last as long.


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