Stoxbox: the answer to your tight drawer nightmare

My tight drawer is a bit like my pan cupboard. Pull one out and they all come tumbling down, causing me to shout and swear and vow to sort it out the next time I have time to really tidy out my cupboards – make that never!

Apparently I’m not the only one as a recent survey found that 86% surveyed admitted to having horrendously messy tights drawer and 84% of respondents admitted to re-buying identical products, because they were unable to see what they already had.

So all normal there then!

The Stoxbox promises to change all this and sort out our tight drawer once and for all, by helping us see and store our tights.  You simply slide the smooth white cube into the leg of your tights and hurrah –  the colour, pattern and thickness is revealed, whilst the bulk of it is stored inside the hollow box.

It costs £15.95 and could honestly change you life!

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