The perfect cherry stoner


A bit niche, but I recommend this excellent cherry stoner for anyone who has to work their way through a lot of cherries. You may remember I rent a cherry tree from er, RentACherryTree and this year has seen our biggest haul yet. Which is joyful, apart from the fact you have to take the stones out. On sale at the cherry farm was this excellent spring loaded cherry stoner, which springs gently back in your hand after each piercing, which helps a lot. Works on small plums too.

For those who can’t nip down to Sussex, I found the same one to buy here and there’s a Lakeland one that looks similar here



  • Sarah says:

    Never, ever heard of renting a cherry (or any) tree before! I passed along the idea to a friend of mine, here in the US, who owns an apple orchard. Those cherries look great!

  • amanda says:

    The farm does really well by renting trees out Sarah, in fact I think the ‘renting’ business model has kept it afloat! A

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