Buy this: Wild Mint and Mandarin Scrub from Neom

10275920_10152968142228136_8353184569988797519_nIt’s a tricky time for beauty brands, as every week there seems to be a new ‘authentic/artisan/organic/specially created’ product launch and there are many elements required to make them stand out in an over saturated market place.

Recently I was sent a great body cream, which had been specially created for problem skin. It was an amazing product and there was no doubt it worked, but I had to be really honest with the person who had created it when she asked for feedback. The packaging simply wouldn’t entice me to buy. Her reaction was surprising, she claimed that it was so much better than other similar products that this shouldn’t matter. Which in an ideal world would be true, but us consumers (especially women) we are looking for more than just a great product. We want something that not only works, but feels luxurious and aspirational and looks great on our bathroom shelf.

One of my favourite Organic beauty brands has realised just this and when the owners asked their customers what they wanted from their products, they decided to re-launch their range to include 4 new treatment categories – ENERGISE, RELAX, DE-STRESS & HAPPINESS to make it easier to shop. They also redesigned the packaging and introduced concise product names and categories to reinforce their message of 100% natural ingredients.

I am already a huge fan of their scented candles, but my new loves from the re-vamped body care range is the Wild Mint and Mandarin scrub. It is LUSH. It scrubs (obviously) but also has a lovely moisturising effect and the mint feels like your skin is breathing a sigh of relief.

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  • mary says:

    I’d sooner know the name of the great body cream – especially if the price wasn’t ‘aspirational.’

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