Tout Hache by Theurry De Vissant, Lucile Gargasson, Ahmed Yahi

Tout Hache meatballsLets be honest here, absolutely nobody really needs a new cook book. But sometimes one comes a long that entices you in (with me it’s usually the beautiful design) and Tout Hache has done just that, both with its stylish but informative look and feel and simple yet delicious recipes.

I also love recipe books that stick to doing one or two things really well, so this also ticked that box, as it is basically all about meatballs and burgers. Who knew there could be so many different ways to make a meat ball?

You can discover mouth watering combination of spicy chicken, meatballs with ricotta, lamb koftas and salmon fishballs, as well as a whole section on tartare.It also features lots of sauces and accompaniments to round of your meatball/burger dinner.

This is definitely one for the carnivores and may make you view the Ikea meatball in a different light –  *gasps* –  don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Buy it here. Tout Hache: Meatballs – Tartares – Burgers

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