Weekend Woman: Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin by Olli Scarff, via The Guardian

Tracey Emin by Olli Scarff, via The Guardian

Tracey Emin has been declared the most important British artist of her generation by Jonathan Jones, art critic for The Guardian. He writes raves about her just opened exhibition, The Last Great Adventure is You here. He gave the show, which is on at the Bermondsey White Cube gallery until Nov 16th, five stars. All good news. We’ve written a bit on women in art this year, discovering just how hard it is to be recognised if you are female -although things do seem to be getting better. Now here’s Tracey being declared the BEST and she’s a woman! Hurrah!

Its hard not to love Tracey and her uncompromising views on life, love and art. We’ve loved her since she was sewing her tents and quilts, almost singlehandedly bringing quilts to everyone’s attention as serious modern artworks. She’s definitely someone getting better and better with age and experience.




  • Osnat says:

    I like Tracy Emin I admire her fearlessness and ability to spill out everything confessional in her art. She has guts and that separates her from the crowd of other artists. However I don’t love everything she does but her drawings are my favourites. Her new show looks interesting!

  • Dlwk says:

    Well… All I can say is if Tracy is the best, heaven help us! Tracy is the loudest, most self publicized, most vulgar which does not necessarily equate to the best!

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