Dappercap: A stylish cycle helmet

I love cycling and living and working in the same borough means I now spend a mere 25 minutes a day cycling to and from my studio – which in London is a rare treat. The only problem I have with cycling is the “gear” – I know I should wear a helmet and a hi vis vest etc as the Kinglsand Road isn’t the safest place in the world – but sporty boy racers helmets, fluoro panels and go faster stripes leave me cold.

So I was delighted to find a new bike helmet Dappercap, created by Catherine Bedford and Graham Parker, who love cycling and “wanted to create a helmet that is practical, safe and stylish, but complements the clothes that many urban bike users wear.”

The fashionable colours and sleek design manage to combine safety and style and are designed in London, made in Britain and assembled by hand at a factory in Cornwall.


The lovely Florence from Petalon flowers models the Dappercap

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“Cycling is something most people can do from the age of three to 103… We were inspired in our design by the Slow Cycling model in cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where it’s enjoying the ride, not about serious training.”

Catherine and Graham are using crowdfunding website Kickstarter to get an initial injection of finance to bring the product to market. So if you fancy snapping a bargain (if you pledge £150 you can get a helmet for £100) check out their site, but you’d better be quick as it ends on friday .

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