Fragrant bling: perfumed jewellery from By Kilian and Penhaligon’s

killian earrings scented

I am currently lusting after some jewellery that could be called well, ‘smelly,’ although perhaps ‘fragrantly glamourous bling’ is a more alluring description.

Perfumers are keen to get us to wear their fragrances in ever more interesting ways, including through perfumed jewellery and I LOVE this idea.  Firstly, being practical, it is a terrific way for women who can’t wear fragrance on their skin to have some fragrance close to them. The By Kilian Studio 54 Collection of earrings, rings and bracelets (in either 18 carat gold plate or rhodium) have a small ceramic disc within the perforated disco-ball shapes which can be topped up with fragrance. You simply open the ball- which is discretely crystal encrusted for extra holiday bling- and re spray the disc with your fav Kilian eau de parfum to keep you surrounded by a gently scented cloud.  The By Kilian fragrances I sniffed recently all seem lovely, I don’t know the range well enough to recommend any one smell but the brand’s best seller is Liaisons Dangereuses, so start with that. There are 35 to choose from, so you’re bound to like one of them and the ceramic disc stays fragrant for ages, I think it almost lasts longer than on skin.

I am very partial to the ring, below….


killian ring scented

And secondly, it can be quite practical as well as beautiful. For as long as I’ve known Penhaligon’s did jewellery, I’ve been looking longingly at this silver scent bottle on a silver necklace chain. The lid unscrews and you can fill it up with whatever fragrance you are currently wearing, allowing you to dab top ups to your pulse points throughout the day.The sterling silver is excellent quality -Penhaligon’s even has its own hallmark- and comes with a tarnish-proof bag and a small funnel for decanting your perfume.

My favourite Penhaligon fragrance is still Iris Prima, but there are new smells out you could investigate, including the Trade Routes collection, which is getting good reviews . Or of course you could also fill it with what ever you’re currently wearing (see- practical and pretty).


The Kilian Hennessy fragrances and the Studio 54 Collection can be bought either from the Harrods Salon de Parfums on the 6th floor or here, the earrings are £250 and the ring is £190.

The Penhaligon’s silver scent bottle necklace is £130 and available here.


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