, with Farrow & Ball


This is a glorious idea from, a French based company that recruits hot modern designers to produce a beautiful and unique item to send out each month in a neat wooden box. We’ve mentioned the rise of the ‘monthly delivery present ‘ before, it’s a great way to extend the joy that comes from receiving a surprise present once every month for a duration. Most companies who offer this type of service allow you to choose one month /three months/six month or a year to fit into your present-price matrix.

DesignerBox will appeal to anyone who is into home design, check the website to see what the company has offered previously, but i loved my Hooks, which arrived with a pot of everyone’s favourite paint supplier, Farrow & Ball. Hooks is a new take on how to hang things, invented by this month’s designer, Mathias van de Walle. I’m putting it into youngestson’s bedroom in the hope that he might hang his clothes onto something this stylish, rather than dump them on the floor. We live in hope.

The box is €30 a month, which is currently a good deal if you are buying in pounds. I think it’s a fabulous thing, I even love the chic plywood box it gets delivered in.

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