Chocolate bird skulls from The Conjurer’s Kitchen


Now, I appreciate not everyone is going to love the idea of chocolate bird skulls, even if they are beautifully made and anatomically correct. I came across these amazing things at The Barbican’s Magnificent Obsessions, The Artist As Collector exhibition which has just opened. I think they are the perfect present for anyone who loves a bit of taxidermy, or perhaps has an off beat sense of humour (a teenager for example…) or for anyone with a slightly gothic aesthetic.

They are also reasonable value for their quality and weirdness, made of Belgian chocolate the carrion crow skull and the parrot skull above are £14.00. You can buy these from the Barbican exhibition shop, or from the Conjurer’s Kitchen website, where there’s more unusual stuff on offer.. chocolate monkey skull anyone?

Obvs, you need to bookmark this page for Halloween…..


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