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back-soonOver all the years we have been blogging I have had times when I have struggle to keep on top of my day job and write the blog, as well as all the other things that one has to deal with on a daily basis. I have managed by getting up really early and blogging late into the night. Knowing that so many of you are reading has spurred me on to somehow make it all work, but occasionally it has all become too much and Amanda has had to talk me down from packing it all in to try to concentrate on doing one (or maybe three) things well.

I love the Womens Room with a passion and feel proud to have built up exactly what we set out to do, a community of like minded women (and some men) who have similar interests and a common goal – to make growing older fun and enjoy life just as much, if not more, as we age. But occasionally you have to take a step back and give yourself a break – and right now as I enter into one of the busiest periods in my other work life, something has to give, and for now sadly that has to be TWR.

So I am taking a temporary break, until I can see the wood for the trees, but promise I will back really soon, full of new stories of ridiculous fashion and ranting views on the world.

Amanda will continue to blog regularly (not every day) and I will occasionally write the odd post when I can – but for the next few weeks I’ll be concentrating on getting some really exciting projects off the ground with my other life.

In the meantime if anyone fancies writing the odd guest blog post, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Are you a middle-aged mum with a story to tell, maybe you live in a great part of the world that you would like to tell us about, have opinions on fashion, interiors or life you would like to share, or perhaps you have a really great kitchen we could take a look round?

Whatever it is we would like to hear, so drop us a line.

So for now, goodbye and I’ll be back really soon.

Lots of love

Jane x



  • Jacqueline says:

    Hi Jane. So many of us will identify with you I’m sure. We will miss you but look forwards to your return with your renewed energy. Take care.
    Jackie xx

  • Liz Shedden says:

    Well I say well done for keeping it up every day. As above can totally identify with you. Have a good break and look forward to your return. X

  • Penny says:

    …will miss your beautifully eclectic posts but there’s only so much you can juggle! All the best with projects and hopefully see you back here soon x

  • I’ll do one? Love the blog…

  • I’ll happily write a guest blog if you think it would appeal. I am a food writer who has had weight-loss surgery and successfully lost 61/2 stone (5 years ago and still maintaining). Tough to do anyway but as a foodie and writer something of a challenge. How do I negotiate the all-day-eating scenario and all the rest? What advice could I pass on etc. These tips aren’t just for wls patients but everyone who wants to check their weight and fitness. Carol

  • sue evans says:

    I know that feeling of something has to give Jane and though I really will miss your humorous take on lots of things close to my heart, I am sure the fashion world needs you right now.
    I am more than happy to do some posts on life in a French backwater and on things catwalk related obviously, to show you my kitchen or talk foodie things.
    Just say the word girls !!

  • Jane says:

    thanks for the lovely comments and yes please Carol that sounds great and Sue we would LOVE some posts from you. Could you both email us?

    J x

  • Claire says:

    Will miss your posts Jane but glad Amanda will keep it going. I love my daily catch up of fashion, art, lifestyle and women’s issues etc. All things I am passionate about.

  • amanda nicoll says:

    As you mentioned above that the womensroomblog is about making growing older fun, can I sign up to do a blog post about a completely different subject area from your usual ones? What I would like to post about is the fun that can be had from learning the ukulele!! Enjoy your break Jane and come back soon with your batteries fully recharged!

  • sue evans says:

    what’s your email Jane ?

  • Jane Parkinson says:

    I shall miss your posts too ! Thanks for doing TWR this long. Good luck with your other projects and come back soon!

  • Sarah says:

    Enjoy your break Jane, I enjoy your blog so much, it has inspired me on many an occasion, thanks to Amanda for keeping the blog fires burning.

  • Amanda says:

    I’m still here, so don’t go away people…! Anyone wanting to do a guest post -and I’m REALLY liking this idea now, we have such fabulous readers -do email us at [email protected] Ax

  • Melanie wall says:

    I have only just discovered TWR after seeing an article iin a magazine about you both and I really love it. My stomach flips with excitement when I see the mail in my inbox. I too am a blogger with a day job and a family and I can totally relate to your post Jane. You have made me realise that sometimes it’s ok to say no and take a break to focus on other things.

    And how wonderful that you have a business partner like Amanda – you are a great team. I would love to write a guest blog but right now I am also too busy looking for the trees in that wood – but never say never!

    Thank you for the inspiration TWR.

    Mel x

  • Greetings!

    My name is Matilda Reese, and I am a Creative Content Writer. The objective of sending this email proposal is to ask you about the Guest Posts. I have heard you were accepting these.
    I hope to get a reply soon.

    Matilda Reese
    Creative Content Writer

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