The O Wow! Brush, by way of India Knight’s beauty advice

the-womens-room-cailynI bought this Cailyn Cosmetics O Wow! brush after St India Of Knight (as Belgian Waffle so brilliantly calls her) wrote about it in her Sunday Times beauty column. It is for applying foundation/ tinted moisturisers/ mineral powder and blusher and it is quite brilliant at it.

It has an arty sculptural look which is very appealing, it’s ‘conceptual make up brush just out of the RCA final show’ rather than something you’d find on a make up counter, with these densely packed velvety soft bristles that I can’t stop stroking. It has a little space-age helmet to keep it clean too, which has a touch of Darth Vader about it.

And truly, it is brilliant at applying foundation in a manner that makes you feel like you know what you are doing. India describes it as having a ‘spectacular effect’ on BB and CC creams as well as putting powder and blusher on ‘like a dream’.

the-womens-room-blog-cailyn-03I’ve practised on a pot of mineral foundation, which I’d stopped using because I couldn’t quite get the application right, and a nice Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder that my sis told me about and honestly, It’s as if I’ve had lessons, the results are so good.

And it is so speedy! I am extremely lazy with my make up routine, I need to be able to complete the whole look ASAP, when I read about women who can take an hour or more doing theirs I wonder what on earth they do. A marvellous thing. Buy one – at £20.00 here.


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