Iris, The Film, is out


Image via Rosewood Hotels

Remember we mentioned there was a film coming on Iris Apfel by Albert Maysles? Well it opens this week in the UK, we saw the preview recently and LOVED it.

We all know Iris can dress, but the film shows the wit and intelligence on which her fashion choices are made. Her sartorial selections aren’t random, or frivolous – although she’d be the first to admit she doesn’t agree with fashion rules- they are built on a lifetime of knowledge, travel and experience. With a wry twinkle in her eye, she describes herself in the film as a ‘geriatric starlet’

She and her husband Carl still have apartments and warehouses full of stuff collected for their interior decoration business and the film highlights Iris’s demon talent for haggling…’What can you do for me on this?” and “You can do better than that” being two of her negotiating lines. And age certainly hasn’t dulled eye for a bargain. It’s worth going for lessons on this alone.

Full of wit, charm and lessons on life, we urge you to go see. Watch and learn. Screening details here.

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