Tool time with Concrete Matter

51RHVJKZXRLWhen M.A.D and I lived in Toronto one of his favourite (trashy) tv programmes was Home Improvement, a US sitcom starring Tim Allen as an all American dad who hosts his own Home Improvement show Tool Time.

M.A.D is quite handy around the house, is up for building more or less anything and is fond of a power tool. He excitedly (and if you know him in real life – you’ll know it takes a lot to get him excited) sent me a link last week, exclaiming “this site is amazing … made my day”. Yeh yeh yeh I thought, just another site selling nails………

But Dutch site Concrete Matter is truly amazing and ticks many of our households boxes; taxidermy (I love a stuffed bird) stationary, books, male grooming accessories, tools and mantiques – in fact everything you could ever want for the stylish DIY loving man in your life.

Concrete Matter

I love the anatomy section.

concrete matter 2

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