Frieze Fashion 2012: part two

Continuing our Frieze fashion coverage, today we’re showing you skirts. For the last couple of years we’ve seen lots of dresses at Frieze, this year it was much more about skirts and trousers. The average age of women at the opening day of Frieze is well over 30 (discounting the workers) and I’d say it was an affluent crowd too, so it’s a fascinating snap shot of what’s actually being bought, there’s definitely a sense of ‘wearing your best clothes’ about the place.

There were some really beautiful ‘bottom halves’ this year, with texture, print and colour shining through. Although I noticed the knee high boot was out of favour and where it was worn, it looked a little dated compared with the statement heel shoe, the shoe boot or even our favourite chelsea boot worn by the more fashion forward women. Shoes will be covered in depth on Friday!

Luis Zerbini

These two tartan skirts looked super-chic, particuarly the one on the right, which had a scarf to match, can you see where the scarf and skirt patterns change in the same place? I can’t imagine this working in a busy life way, but it looked fabulous here. And I love the patterned tights again…Art ladies love a textured tight it seems.

Silk skirts carrying lovely prints and colours here, I am going to have to get something coral coloured before long….

Absolutely my favourite outfit on this post is the woman below wearing layered buttery-creams, winter whites and that shot of soft pistachio green from her handbag, she looked fabulous and I almost got up the courage to ask her to pose, but then bottled out -it’s a busy place and not everyone likes to be hassled when they are buying art. Don’t you love that hair slide too? Pretty pleated back detail on the blouse on the right, posed nicely against matching art!

This looks like a Missoni skirt below, I like the updated colour blocking on the knit and it looks great with grey (bet that’s cashmere).

It may have been me not paying attention but I saw fewer statement handbags this time, the ones that caught my eye were these elegant tan leather ones, I adore a frame bag. It’s a cliche that tans, camels and creams look classic-classy but when they are made from expensive quality fabrics, as the ones on the right clearly are, it really is true. You wouldn’t find those tiny hand pleated ruffles in Primark. Mind you, maybe that’s a good thing, the shoes that went with this outfit were heeled leopardskin…not a look everyone can pull off.

left Sigrid Holmwood, right Ewan Uglow

Textures, prints, embellishments and the colour green….

Henry Moore

The printed red cotton dress below right came from a thrift shop and looked quite wonderful on this gallery owner. I loved the red dirndl wool skirt teamed with grey jacket on the left, worn with the brown chelsea boot.

Sterling Ruby

And finally a cape! trimmed with suitably glamourous leopardskin.

Come back on Friday for shoes! Frieze London and Masters is held annually, check here for details


  • Rosemary says:

    I love these Frieze posts you do every year – a great source for stylish and wearable ideas. I particularly like the red dirndl skirt with grey jacket and ankle boots, and will be raiding my wardrobe to put together something along those lines for ???th school reunion lunch later today. (I know – not a good idea. But I have a retreat planned in case it all gets too ghastly.)

  • Marv says:

    I do SO hope that’s fake leopardskin….

  • Sue says:

    Love this post aswell.The frame bag outfit is great ; I think leopard shoes would stop it all looking a bit too prissy. Do you think that fantastic bag might be Delvaux? does look £££. I might have to try the dirndl/brogue look myself tomorrow.Sue

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