Palette London’s Bespoke Nail Colours

This is a clever idea, a bespoke nail colour service for those moments in life when getting the right coloured nail polish is absolutely essential, I’m thinking weddings mostly, but I can see a case for trend forecasters wanting to mix up next season’s key colours. Palette London will -with two weeks notice- take any scrap of fabric/Farrow & Ball colour chart/old pebble picked up off the beach or an actual item of clothing and match it exactly. For £75 they will send you the perfectly matched colour plus an under and top coat, or just the colour for £50 if that’s more acceptable. Apparently this is the first bespoke nail polish service ever.

For a more DIY offer, you can also buy the Create Your Own kit (as above) for £50 and play at creating your own colours. This is extremely easy and the more artistic amongst you might find this highly addictive. You have been warned. Buy here

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