The importance of a great dressing gown, with The White Company

the white company

We are big fans of The White Company and its beautiful but practical range of home ware and clothing. I am very fond of the Hydratowel range, having been introduced to it by The White Company’s own bedlinen buyer Vanessa Hurley-Perera when we interviewed her back in 2013. The towelling fabric is sensuous, soft and very absorbent and I notice whenever I stay in hotels/other people’s houses that they just aren’t as soft as the ones I have.

So the idea of a towelling dressing gown or robe (when did we start calling them robes?) in the same fabric is a deliciously luxurious idea, if slightly dangerous. We were recently treated to one each by TWC and I’ve hardly been out of mine since I got it. The temptation to remain swaddled in its cosy embrace of a chilly autumnal morning, rather than get myself up and into the day, is hard to resist. A good dressing gown is essential IMO, I wear mine twice a day, every day, it makes sense to have one you love rather than one you just put up with, right?

If you are starting your own Christmas list, or indeed thinking of a little self-gifting pre the manic holiday season, I can heartily recommend you check them out here. You might also want to sample the towels while you are at it, I am addicted. The white ones are lovely, but years of living with boys has taught me Stone is a better bet.

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