What To Wear To Yoga: More Inspiration and a Special Offer


I’m still looking for the perfect yoga outfit, regular readers may remember by recent post on the subject. Since I wrote about my struggles (ok, first world issues, hardly a struggle exactly) a number of readers have been in touch to point out good places to shop.

Le Yoga Shop Paris has stylish outfit inspiration and does a good looking Burfitt legging in interesting colours, such as dark purple and burgundy, as well as your standard black. Although in Paris, it does ship internationally (at a cost) but it’s worth bookmarking for outfit inspiration in terms of layering and colour.

Closer to home is the excellent Style PB.

One of our readers, Yvonne, got in touch to say she’d just retired as a design studio coordinator for John Lewis and was helping her daughter Natalie, with her women’s sports website, on which there were some good yoga clothes. Yvonne recommends the Beyond Yoga clothing range, she said “It’s FAB! Stylish and comfortable at the same time. I wear it and so does Natalie – who teaches also yoga – and we have had a great response from many other yogi’s”.

Natalie told us that as women worked yoga/pilates classes into their busy schedule, activewear is increasingly being worn as day wear. She called it the ‘Sportluxe’ trend (ahem, we called it Athleisure) allowing you to go from downward dog to your desk in one move.

“Yoga wear has changed” she told us, “gone are the days of the baggy hippie harem pants and loose festival t-shirts. Now you’re more likely to find stylish women with their yoga mat under one arm and a green juice in the other. The recent expansion of the fitness industry has seen an explosion of sportswear. As a yoga teacher, I feel a well fitting legging and bra top, covered by a stylish vest is the most suitable option. Then just choose whatever colour or print which makes you feel great”. After which you can throw on an oversized boyfriend sweater or a relaxed, tailored jacket and head off to work.

Natalie has picked out the easy crop stripe top or the oversized grey T shirt from Beyond Yoga as a good place to start, worn with the open back vest and the longevity legging. Style PB  has also kindly offered TWR readers a special 15% discount on any orders placed before the end of January, just use the code WRB15. It’s also hosting a pop up shop in the Lomax Gym in Chelsea during January, should anyone need some one-to-one advice on clothing.

And if your yoga hall is chilly this time of the year, can I also recommend the American Apparel Circle Staff (currently on sale, just saying) as a brilliant and colourful wrap to keep you warm while chanting your ‘oms’.

In other news, one of our favourite brands, The White Company, launches its first yoga wear collection, called Stretch, this spring and I will be badgering them to let me try it, I’ll keep you posted.


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