Scented animals at Avery, who could resist?

avery-thewomensroom-02I mentioned last week that the home scent market is getting more decorative, as stores try to tap our ever-growing love for a scented candle and a nice smelling room. Shortly afterwards, I got invited to the opening of the Avery Perfume Gallery in Selfridges (on the 4th floor), where I discovered these irresistible ceramic scented animals and birds. They are made from matt Italian ceramic and are tipped with gold for added glamour.


I’ve actually seen the animals a number of times but stupidly only realised on this visit that you can scent them, through a hole in their base, with your favourite fragrance. The animals hold the perfume in the ceramic for a good while and sit quietly making their corner of the room smell fabulous. I’ve got one on my desk, which I spray in the morning and the perfume lasts all day.


The animals start at £28 for the small owls and pugs, increasing to £125 for the larger elephant. The Donkey and larger Chimpanzee in the top image are £98.


The glorious Toucan is £158. How can you resist?


  • Jean Birch-Leonard says:

    I have to resist! I’ve just taken delivery of my Fornasetti incense box. You’re a temptress.


  • Lynell says:

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  • Robert Wise says:

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