Who won? The Results Of Our Protected Species Competition

protected white mac
We had some AMAZING design idea suggestions for our Protected Species competition last week, you really are a clever and generally fabulous bunch of readers. We gave Protected Species co founder Anne Muir all the results, she mulled over all the 30 plus entries -having been watching them come in all week anyway- and put her favourites into a hat, out of which she picked Marilyn and Jo as the final winners, so well done to them.

Thanks to everyone for entering, Anne has extended the 20% off all purchases for TWR readers for another week, for everyone who might be disappointed at not winning, just add TWR20 in the discount code box.


  • jo says:

    I was one of the winners and am thrilled to bits with my fab new raincoat!
    Thank you very much to Protected Species and The Women’s Room.

    (and just to let other reader’s of the blog know, this was a completely legit competition, I’m not a friend of Anne, Amanda or Jane so anyone can win!)


  • Amanda says:

    Yay Jo! Glad you like your coat, they really are lovely aren’t they? And our old school ‘names in a hat’ style selection beats complex computer selection or dodgy friend-giving (do people really do this?) anytime. Ax

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  • Winnie Ayres says:

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