How Not to Design a Logo


When this image of Angela Eagle’s launch event popped up on my social media feed, I was initially amused as the headline read “Is Angela Eagle launching a political career – or a perfume?” But the more I read and heard of the woman who hopes to oust Jeremy Corbyn, the angrier I got, for many reasons, most of which I won’t go into here.

I will however, comment on her complete lack of understanding of the modern world, as reflected in the branding she chose to launch her camapign. Describing herself as “a gay woman with strong, Northern, working class roots” one wonders what on earth she was thinking.

Of course she can wear what the Hell she likes, but conforming to gender stereotypical graphics and colours on her branding not only make her look dated and out of touch, they also make her look unauthentic. What woman who wants to be taken seriously in any job, would deliberately chose to be associated with a cliched image more suited to a page three girl launching a beauty range?

Of course you could argue that these things shouldn’t matter – but in this world of brand identity and corporate image – I’m afraid they really do and not just for women. Social media enables us to share ones thoughts within minutes of seeing something, therefore it’s more important that ever to be authentic.

In the trends world we have been talking about the need to be individual and visionary, as consumers are over saturated with information and stuff and need a reason to believe in a brand.

Creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele summed it up perfectly at the recent Vogue festival.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 19.43.58

Maybe its the same with politics – perhaps we need politicians with genuine vision who also give #zeroshits and stand out in a sea of bland.

And here dear reader is where Angela Eagle will be up against it in her battle to be the next labour leader. Like him or not Jeremy Corbyn is 100% true to himself. His particular brand of quiet, socialist geography teacher is appealing for it’s complete lack of hype and story telling – or not – you decide?


  • Kate Woodhead says:

    Well said. I have never joined a political party but have been tempted to do so because I think Jeremy Corbyn offers something different to the usual politicians – integrity. He seemed to be the only one who told the truth prior to the referendum.

  • Lucy G says:

    I think the problem with Angela Eagle’s ‘branding’ is that she is simultaneously unable to say in interview what she actually stands for – and so ends up feeling like style without substance. Corbyn’s substance without style feels so much more trustworthy.

  • Monix says:

    Sigh…you are so right Jane, this will be an text book example of how not to design a logo/brand. The hand written script which is meant to make us think “authentic and friendly” and the colour is something that “Victoria Secret” might flinch at using is just dire – and what’s with the deconstructed (shattered?) union flag?! Ugh – there’s a reason graphic design is still a taught discipline – yep, a “discipline” Angela!

  • patty says:

    Yeah, I still have only bad and worse. Trump and Clinton. Whine all you want point fingers, my only course of action is to hold my nose when I vote.

  • ChloeP says:

    A perfume called Argh??

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