Dr Sebagh’s Skincare at Urban Retreat in Harrods


Here at TWR, we wade through a lot of very average skin creams in order to be able to tell you about the good ones and when you find a good one, I always get a teeny bit over excited. So it is with Dr Sebagh’s luxury (but high-performing) skincare range.

Actually it’s not new, so many of you may do that eye-roll at me and say “Duh! Everyone knows that!”  I was kindly sent some samples by the brand to try just before my mammoth US holiday and I am certain that they are the reason my skin survived my appallingly neglectful holiday-skin-routine.

The product that’s made it onto my ‘can’t do without’ list is the dreamy Rose de Vie Serum, (£129) a gorgeous smelling, gentle serum that glides onto your skin and leaves it looking better instantly. It uses organic rose hip oil and claims to help not just tired older skin, but also skin that is prone to redness, Harper’s Bazaar voted it the best repair serum in its 2014 beauty awards. I’ve voted it one of my absolute favourite serums, ever. I used it lavishly, morning and night until I had wiped the bottle clean.

Alongside the Rose de Vie I used the hyper-rich High Maintenance Cream, (£95) which gave my skin a matte plumpness that I suspect could become addictive. I’m not sure what’s in the stuff but it’s good. It’s not cheap* but do consider both if your skin has gone through a rough patch and needs a fix.

Finally, if you have got money, then look at the Supreme Maintenance Skin Serum, which practically give you new skin in droplet form. I tried this without reading the notes, and watched as my skin almost reinvented itself in front of me. You use it as a rejuvenating serum, under your moisturiser and as a pre-party fixer, it’s a little bit magic. The results are not everlasting, sadly, but it’s marvellously confidence building. Stupidly expensive, (£215) but for that special 50th/60th/whatever party, it might just be a perfect bit of self-gifting.

If you’ve never used Dr Sebagh products before, then look out for the incredible facialist Tine Hagelquist, who will be at Harrods Urban Retreat from the 4th to the 9th of October and the 29th of November to the 4th of December. Her excellent facials are £60 for 60mins and combines Dr Sebagh’s award winning skincare with lymphatic drainage.

Book through Urban Retreat 020 7893 8333, but be quick, she books up super fast.

*I know these are expensive and I suspect half of you will scoff at the prices, but I also know that some of you do spend this kind of cash on their skin, and why not? We try a lot of expensive stuff that’s very average in its performance, but I was really impressed with Dr Sebagh.



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