Frieze Fashion 2016: Skirts, Colour and More metallics


Possibly the most fabulous skirt and shirt look at Frieze this year was the one above, which undoubtedly came from a fancy designer, but there’s a rather similar and very good one at M&S, it’s not in yet, but I’ll add the link when it does arrive, I saw it at the press day. Burgundy, btw, in case you’ve been under a rock all summer, is your new must-have colour.


This deliciously huge bit of crystal madness  – it has a couple of bits of rock going around on a mobile above it – is the latest work from Olafur Eliason.


How gorgeous is this pink printed skirt-and-shirt-or-could-be-a-dress above? The corset belt (a hot trend according to Vogue) does require a trim figure, but it would be just as wonderful without it.


I’m not sure who created this lovely blue work, but it was on show at the Antenna Space Gallery from Shanghai.


More metallics, this time we’re talking shoes, rose gold or 24 carat gold seem the hot new colours. They are not quite the same, but I’m eying up these gold Reeboks…Or you can splash out on the Gucci version in silver here. The ones on the right are Stella McCartney.


This coat hanger mobile is by Man Ray, surprisingly. I’m imagining it sprayed gold or silver and worked into my Christmas display scheme….I’m thinking baubles suspended from the ends of each coat hanger….


This struck me as the loveliest way to wear one of this season’s frilled-neck blouses, above, it looks so perfect teamed with these wide leg culottes; feminine without being girly.


A great riot of colour here from Penny Siopis, I would think it would be impossible to be miserable with this in your room.


Shoulder robing. Still a thing.



After my recent post on Maker’s House and all those silk dressing gowns, I was struck by how romantic and fluid this silk coat in pink looked, above. It moved so beautifully. And on the right, OK, so it might look like a side table with a book on it to you but it’s art, by Juan Araujo, called complimentary shadows.


Finally, the prize for best use of colour and print go to the trousers and skirt above. The red jeans actually looked like they may be neon-illuminated from a distance, the affect was incredible. I’m not sure I want a pair but the look was terrific. And I loved the skirt and both pairs of shoes on the right. Fish nets. Now there’s a thought…


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