Frieze Fashion 2016: Mono Everything and the Long White Shirt


Mono – black and white or navy and white – was a really big thing, clothes-wise, at Frieze 2016, it looked particularly fabulous when a graphic print or spot was worked into the mix. Cropped wide trousers and a white shirt are anchors to this look.


Mono can be very smart, but it can look a bit severe if it’s not given a hint of texture to soften it up. And obvs, we’re talking flatforms, or cool trainers to go with.


Love how this textural bag added another layer of interest to the above outfit, those gorgeous shoes  -a sort of trainer brogue hybrid- are Robert Clergerie and the white shirt is a lovely length. John Lewis’s Palmer Harding collection has some excellent white shirts

I stalked this gorgeous women above, to try and get a good shot of her from the front, sorry if it was you….I thought the combination of super-chic (possibly) Gucci trimmed jacket and that divine cotton poplin dress mashed up with paint splattered Converse was the height of fabulousness. There is a tiny line of red stitching on the dress which connected visually to the red of the shoes. It was a total girl-style-crush.


Weirdly there was a lot of mono art around too, including this work by Gregor Hildebrandt, which is constructed from cassette tape and acrylic paint. Loved the fur lined sliders on the left, I am of the opinion that many fur lined shoes came out at Frieze because there was no rain, they are perfect art-show shoes. I wonder if you need to pop a pair of trainers on – as you do with heels- when you head out into the real world…


I loved this woman above, in her simple long white shirt and wide cropped white trousers, she looked both comfortable and stylish, but what I had to hold back from wrestling from her lobes were her simply wonderful pearl earrings. They were articulated, so each pearl moved and gracefully floated as her head moved. They belonged to her mum apparently, and she have no idea where they came from originally. I have set up an eBay search…obvs.


For anyone who has a few type writers in the attic, you might want to get em down and dust them off….This work above is by Marcel Broodthaers, called Parle Ecrite Copie.


Final bit of art, this is is New Social Order by Andrea Bowers, acrylic marker on layered cardboard, which was really beautiful.

Thanks for the nice comments of the Frieze fashion post from Monday, you have two post today, this one and then one for a tea time break later this afternoon, so come back later!





  • Well written article. A gorgeous woman with white shirt along with pretty jewelry . This long white shirt gives a cool feeling in this summer season. This latest fashion trends is really inspire to everyone. Nice fashion trends.

  • Swanky Swans says:

    Great article. There are some stunning outfits on show here!

  • Young says:

    Loved the fur wrinkled sliders on the left, I am of the view that numerous fur wrinkled shoes came out at Decoration since there was no rain, they are faultless art-show shoes. I miracle if you need to pop a pair of coaches on – as you do with heels- when you skull out into the real biosphere.

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