Move Over Mindfullness, It’s All About The Sound Bath

Carly Grace, with her singing crystal bowls

For those of you still wondering if you should download the mindfulness app to keep up to the minute on all things holistic, stop right there. Things have moved on and it’s now all about the Sound Bath. Last week I was invited to a lovely supper hosted by MV Organics founder Sharon McGlinchy, who runs one of my favourite ever organic skincare lines. As well as meeting those Hemsley sisters IRL (they are adorable and provided the food) I also participated in my first ever Sound Bath.

Now, skeptics might want to go and get themselves a cup of tea at this point, but sound baths are the new mindfulness, OK? Before our supper, we all lay back on our yoga mats, lavender pillows balanced on closed eyelids and allowed the gentle tinging and tonging of crystal noise to wash over us and heal all our ills.

Our sound bath was conducted by Carly Grace, a well respected player of the crystal bowls and someone who looked so chilled out in her wafty chiffon, I thought she might actually fly home, rather than nip off in an Uber. The bowls are a bit like a sophisticated version of those wine glass players we used to see on Saturday Night entertainment shows, where someone would run their fingers around the rim of a load of half filled wine glasses and knock out ‘Strangers In The Night’.

Carly’s beautiful bowls (she played ten or so at our event) are made from quartz crystal and are more akin to something you’d find at Milan Design festival. The theory here is that you don’t just hear the sound with your ears, you feel the sound in your chakras. Or something. The sound waves resonate with the water in your body’s cells and can help with healing and balance.

The rose quartz bowl carries the energy of Venus and the platinum bowl stimulates the divine feminine, and who doesn’t want their feminine to be divine? I was impressed Carly had a grandmother bowl, with its ageless feminine wisdom and Gaia energy (no idea, but sounds lovely), bowls that embrace and celebrate age! They have my vote. I actually quivered during my sound bath.

I see you rolling your eyes.

Honestly, I really enjoyed my Sound Bath, it was like yoga meditation only deeper. It actually affected me physically, bits of me did quiver and shake. I urge you to embrace the idea, although crystal bowls are not obligatory, I’m told gong baths are just as good.

And if you find all this spiritual-crystal-healingness a bit hard to take, you’d better brace yourself, because it’s a big trend in beauty. I went to two press launches for skincare brands last week where the word ‘magic’ was referred to in all seriousness as an ingredient and I have a bottle of Valeur Absolue Harmonie on my desk containing a swirl of real amethyst crystals, which are apparently enriching the fragrance with their power. Crystal beauty. You heard it here first.




  • Monix says:

    Was this meant to have been posted on the 1st April? Yep, eyes rolling so hard I’ll give myself brain damage…

  • amanda says:

    Open your mind Mon, look what everyone thought about mindfulness when it first appeared! Ax

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