Summer FOMO

It’s that time of year when ones social media feeds fill up with people lounging around on sun beds in fabulous locations, or attending amazing cultural or music events.

I’ve never been much of a plan in advance kind of person- maybe its something to do with always having travelled with work, where trips are often planned by someone else – but as I get older and more keen to have adventures, I realise in order to get groups of people together and not miss out, planning is key.

So over the next few weeks I will be gathering together a list of the ‘must see’ events and destinations to plan ahead for in the future – which I will share when we are back after our summer break.

Port Elliot is first on my list for next year – as the pictures from this weekend look so lovely – despite the rain.

Ashish styled by Susie  Bubble to illustrate ageless style

Costume designers Sandy Powell and Michele Clapton and Zandra Rhodes in collaboration with Matches


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