Accidental Icon: Musings Of A Geriatric Starlet, by Iris Apfel

Iris has written a book! Iris has written a book! I don’t really need to say any more, other than these few extracts indicate it’ll be a cracking read.

I know Iris is everywhere now and even my kids know who she is, but we must never forget the importance Iris had on changing people’s perceptions of how to get older. We still don’t have enough visible older women in the media, Jane and I were only talking this week about the total lack of older beauty social media influencers to follow. There are many, many lovely looking older women in life, we need more of them featured in the media everywhere, because if you can see it, you can be it (yes, that tag works for older people too).

And Iris has had a full working life (she’s currently 96) as a successful interior designer too, so she really is a mega-star when it comes to being both a feminist and style icon.

Her one liners and witty quips are my favourite, they’re like mini-life mantras. Essential for every fashion library, you can buy Iris’s book here.

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