What I did this summer

Margate harbour arm at sunset

After what seems like the longest summer ever, it’s good to look back and reflect on just how lovely it has been to bask in the sunshine and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible.

Having a house in Margate has been an amazing escape from the repressive heat in the city and we have spent lots of time with family and friends by the sea.

The sunsets have been amazing and the sea has been all the shades of blue and green – although I still haven’t managed to actually swim in it! Next summer, I will brave the open water.

The Anthony Gormley statue at the Turner and the Walpole Bay pool

The MOST delicious ice cream from Ramsey & Williams and the Margate main sands (avoid during August)

Eating and reading in the garden is a simple pleasure we don’t usually get enough of in the UK, but both were regular occurrences this year.

Margate and Stoke Newington

Graduation weekend in Bournemouth was glorious and felt like we were in the Med. An inspiring graduation ceremony, Prosecco and photo ops on the beach, followed by a family dinner – couldn’t have been a better way to say goodbye to education forever. The next day we explored the fascinating Russel Coates house, gallery and garden.

Russell Coates, house and garden

A trip to see family in Malton, Yorkshire, coincided with the annual food festival – where we ate and drank our way through the bank holiday weekend. My sister in law and I also spent quite a lot of time stalking Alice Naylor Leyland who is married to the organiser (and local land owner) of the festival. Check out her Instagram feed for insights into her rather fabulous life (and clothes)!

I managed to fit in not one, but two trips to New York, combining business and pleasure. The first trip included some time in the city and a road trip with my daughter and best friend (who lives in NYC and Connecticut) where we explored the witchy town of Salem in Massachusetts and super stylish Hudson in the Hudson Valley.

Washing Depot, CT (the town that inspired Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls) and relaxing in my friends lovely CT garden

A tribute to Samantha from Bewitched and Hauswitch, our favourite shop in Salem

We got heavily into crystals and all things mystical

Hudson is a small town in upstate NY, full of fab houses stylish shops, great restaurants and people from Brooklyn!

We stayed in the The Rivertown Lodge on Warren Street, Hudson

My second trip involved a presentation to prospective US clients in the fabulous Whitby Hotel. Jet leg, extreme heat and nerves were at times, a little overwhelming, but I did it and enjoyed a few days research in the city afterwards.

The biggest screen I have ever seen at the Whitby Hotel

Cocktails at ABC Kitchen and watermelon lemonade at Bubbys

Slow to the party, I finally got into Podcasts and have been laughing out loud at Dear Joan and Jericha and crying at the wonderful You, Me and the Big C. Brave, funny and informative, if you or someone you know is going through cancer treatment this is a must listen. Sadly Rachael Bland the Chanel 5 presenter who initiated the podcast, died last week, but the series is set to continue.

As the nights start to draw in and the weather starts to change, it’s time to plan for the autumn season.  September and October are my favourite months of the year. Crisp, cold and hopefully sunny, I love the misty mornings and golden evenings, the first real fire, making soup and adding layers of clothing (summer clothes are so dull) But most of all, I love planning what I will do on the long winter evenings.

I have signed up for a novel writing course, plan to start yoga again and catching up with my friend Jane after her amazing year long trip to the US, we decided that we would create a podcast about what’s interesting us in fashion, the media and life in general. We are hoping to launch it later this month – so watch this space.



  • Becky says:

    Sounds like an absolutely wonderful summer – it has been the dead of winter down here in NZ and I am so ready for a little warmth, although the blazing heat that you have all had can stay away thank you very much !

  • Ooh yippee, a podcast! I’m addicted to Fortunately – I’m sure you know all about that… Look forward to yours! Good to have you back!

  • Carole robb says:

    Cant Wait to hear The Two Janes Podcast

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  • Monika Lufter says:

    Thanks for all the tips

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