Made in Margs: the diary of a renovation #4

Our street back in the day

One year (and a few months) after the purchase of our old peoples bungalow and our retreat by the sea is nearly finished.

The joys of a simple fireplace

We haven’t done anything wildly ambitious, mainly due to lack of funds and the fact that it is house to be enjoyed, not a show home, but we have stuck to our original plan of keeping it simple, with clean lines and minimal fuss and the smooth walls and lack of stuff is already making me re-think the way we live (cluttered some may say!) in London.

The bathroom – before and after

MAD has been a DIY genius, laying a wooden floor and a zen like fence in the back garden, as well as numerous other tricky jobs, that despite my feminist principles, I couldn’t have hoped to ever tackle. I am strictly soft furnishing and the garden and have plans to  create an easy to mange coastal inspired inspired garden (any tips gratefully received).

The garden – before and after (still a lot to do)



  • Sue Evans says:

    Fabulous Jane, thanks for sharing ! You are obviously thrilled with having a place by the sea and I love the fact you have chosen to make it completely different from your London base — like you I am a collector of clutter, or as my Mum used to say ” a load of dust harbourers Susan” ……… but clean lines and a decluttered space really suit the concept of a get-away-from-it-all second home. I just wish I had the vision to see beyond bad F&F ( what a transformation in the bathroom !) and that I had a husband who was able to do DIY !! I am wondering, has Rob got an older brother ………?!

  • Sydney says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy… but what did you do with that adorable little glass house??

  • Sophie says:

    I love everything about this! But those bathroom tiles look GORGEOUS! We’re about to have our bathroom done and have opted for the darker grout. I dunno, something about it I really love! We’re opting for 3/4 the way up the wall ‘white’ and from 3/4 to the top a ‘sage’ colour. Definitely going with the darker grout! Unsure what to put on the floor though! It’s a tiny space!


  • Allys says:

    Read His garden is far from low maintenance but it will inspire.

  • Sarah says:

    Derek Jarmans Dungeness garden is a good inspo for sowing what will grow and letting it take care of itself, as well as being the most seaside of gardens ever!

  • Jane says:

    thanks Sarah – good one – I lobe that garden. x

  • Jane says:

    thanks Allys x

  • Jane says:

    Yes love the darker grout and our floor tiles are from Bert & May. x

  • Jane says:

    We had to knock it down sadly – as it was broken and dangerous. x

  • Jane says:

    Hah SUe – Rob has a younger brother – who is also handy and single!! Im loving the lack of “stuff”! x

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