gentlewoman styling

A Beautiful Jacket From Joseph

My wardrobe audit was interesting in that it turned up an unexpectedly high count on jackets…..26! Although I’ve got some lovely ones, I’m aware there’s a gap for a beautiful, classic blazer that would elevate jeans and a shirt/sweater to… Read More

Georgia O’Keeffe at Jigsaw

Georgia O’Keeffe’s new exhibition opens this week people…Regular readers will remember I’ve been practicing dressing like Georgia since here and never before have I been more hopeful that some great art will lift my spirits. Much like with the Barbara… Read More

Gentlewoman-styling #1: denim at Whistles

I’m starting to think about spring purchases and I’m going to begin with some gentlewomanly-denim. By gentlewoman styling, I mean that clean, androgynous casualness that is influencing absolutely everyone’s advertising and editorial campaigns this season. It’s a sort of minimal… Read More