Georgia O’Keeffe at Jigsaw


Georgia O’Keeffe’s new exhibition opens this week people…Regular readers will remember I’ve been practicing dressing like Georgia since here and never before have I been more hopeful that some great art will lift my spirits.

Much like with the Barbara Hepworth exhibition, fashion has hitched its wagon to the event, with Jigsaw producing a small range of O’Keeffe inspired range. I skipped over to see it, hopeful for some Brexit-therapy.


Most of it I discarded, there’s very little O’Keeffe about it for me, but I did love the kimono shaped jacket and apron-wrap trousers in a nice weighty viscose. The jacket looks an excellent transitional jacket for summer-to-autumn, should the weather actually get hot, if it doesn’t this will carry you through.

The trousers are a good ankle-showing crop with an artisan-style wrap on the front, inspired by O’Keeffe’s studio aprons, one assumes.

And then there’s a very good sleeveless wrap shirt in crisp Italian poplin which offers a really good line under the jacket, which does have a sense of O’Keeffe’s style.


If you prefer a sleeve, the artisan shirt, with its oversized sleeves and tunic style looks useful, it comes in navy and an unusual pale violet, which makes for an interesting alternative to this season’s ubiquitous pale blue shirt.


Check out the whole collection on the Jigsaw website. Georgia O’Keeffe opens on July 6th, see you there!


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  • Sue says:

    Whilst I do not particularly think I’d buy any of the above, I wanted to admit to you, Amanda, that you were right about Jigsaw when you said it had changed. I have found masses of things I’d love to wear there recently, and have even bought stuff, too.
    Yes, perhaps Art will pull us up and on a bit. God knows, something needs to. I have decided to try going cold turkey with the news this week or I will have a complete nervous collapse.

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