Gentlewoman styling #2: slouchy trousers

stills-leather-trousersIn a completely ironic turn of events, elasticated waist trousers are hot fashion news this season. We seem to have spent a lot of time on TWR saying how we do NOT want to slip into the old cliche of elastic waist, beige slacks and nan-cardis as we get older, but we might have to review this. That’s fashion for you.

The images here are from Stills Atelier, which has styled the slouchy trouser look very well. Crucially, it works that very grown up gentlewomanly-styling element into it, matching a simple softly tailored jacket over a loosely fitted, detail-free shirt. Note the lack of pattern, frill or jewels. You don’t want to go all Per Una circa 2009 with this.

My friend Angela works for Stills and was very up-beat about the leather trousers (with elastic waists! I know!) saying the leather is deliciously soft and has been treated to make it very comfortable to wear against the skin. I’m not sure, but I’m warming to the look. There’s a lovely leather shirt too.

I’ll probably end up going for the more predictable slouchy trousers below, which look like they’d be perfect for spring-semi-smart wear. I really love this non-body conscious, easy but glamourously androgynous styling moment we’re going through. It looks so achievable, although I might be deluding myself. What do you think? You ready for elastic waist leather trousers?

stills-trouser-suitAnnoyingly, Stills Atelier do not have a selling website, but it’s available from Fenwicks (where it is selling like hot cakes according to Angela) and Harvey Nichols.



  • Sarah says:

    Slouchy and androgynous, yes. Elasticacted waisted trousers, not while I can still dress myself! The horror!

  • amanda says:

    I know Sarah, it’s quite a step! A

  • Sue says:

    God, Amanda, they’re hideous. However many times these turn up in magazines, I’m pretty sure I won’t change my mind on this either. How much better would the above look with a pair of slouchy trousers?

  • Val says:

    Note the taut young face as the counterpoint that makes this look work.

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m with Val. If I picture these looks on anyone I know (including myself), it’s a big NO WAY.

  • Monix says:

    Elasticated trousers? Next…crimplene fabric and a polyester bowling shirt! Have you seen what an elasticated waistband does to a softer middle aged stomach? LOVE the longer jacket though and how does a modern company survive without an e commerce site?

  • Liz Shedden says:

    I love a slouchy trouser but … Guess what… this morning I woke up and felt like wearing flares ! Whats happening in the world of trousers’s all gone mad!

  • Janet says:

    Thought these trousers were the style that Trinny and Susannah (remember them?) used to say were a complete no-no,about twenty years ago.

  • keri lee says:

    i am 21 year old gal..and m lil bit healthy, so will this trouser look nice on a healthy gal?

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