Genderless Fashion

The idea of genderless clothing is something we have talked about a lot of the last couple of years in the trends world and we are finally starting to see some brands get on board with the idea.

Zara tapped into the cultural zeitgeist this week by quietly launching an Ungendered range of clothing.  The non binary collection includes grey hoodies, white t-shirts and vests, jogging trousers and unisex jeans. There was no press release to announce the range – simply a new section added to the website.


Zara Ungendered

With the rise in the popularity of Athleisure this range makes perfect sense and is just the kind of pared down casual wear I want to wear right now.


Zara Ungendered

Margaret Howell has always embraced the idea of gender fluid clothes and her latest MHL collaboration with Japanese denim brand Canton, works for men and women alike. It consists of one style of workwear jacket and one style of  jeans for both sexes.

Add a crisp white shirt and pair of Grenson triple welts and you’re well on your way to achieving genderless chic – a look I have loved forever.

Maragert Howell Japanese denim

Margaret Howell x Canton Denim


Margaret Howell S/S 16

Grenson triple welts_the Womens Room

Grenson Triple Welts

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  • Lisa says:

    So does this genderless fashion ever include bust shaping? Hip space? Or is it cut for a “genderless” male anatomy as it appears in the photos?

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