Where are our role models?

David d

We get a wee bit cross here at the Women’s Room about the lack of good role models for older women.  We are practically invisible in magazines, particularly the high end fashion ones, it’s as if we should not even consider wearing fashionable clothes after a certain age.


A while ago we had the opportunity to ask illustrator du jour David Downton, (the one who’s always in Vogue, The Times and who does the pictures on the Fenwick’s mail outs) what he thought about fashion and older women. He told us “I find the whole fashion industry very strange, as far as I can see it’s clothes designed by gay men, modelled on skinny teenagers, critiqued by thirty-year-olds and bought by fifty-year-olds.”


David we so, so agree….So where are our visual role models?


In fact David said he preferred sketching older women, “They’re much better to draw because they’re interesting, they have more self knowledge, they’re more fascinating."


And to prove the point, he drew us a quick sketch of  a stylish older woman….



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