Add to your Favourites: Tartelette


Blogs are addictive and once they enter your favourites list, become like a friend you have to visit every day. You connect with the writer and crave small details to enable you to know them a little bit more. When you discover a new blog, its like the begining of a new friendship, exciting and compelling. At first you dont want to tell anyone else, as its your little secret, but as your confidence grows and the friendship becomes more established you want everyone to know.

As the writer of a blog the most important factors are passion for the subject and an ability to engage the reader both verbally and visually. The reason we love reading and writing blogs is that we know the writer is motivated by nothing other than a genuine love for their subject and a desire to share this with others. Well thats our reason anyway and all the blogs we love, reflect this too.

So heres one for you favourites and we really really wish Helen A.K.A Tartelette was our friend.


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