The Women’s Room Christmas cake: begining


This is our very favourite Christmas cake recipe, picked up from one of those Waitrose recipe cards a few years ago now, but the best one we’ve ever come across. And we know our cake here at the Women’s Room.


We normally make our cake around about Thanksgiving (which is this coming Thursday) as that seems a good time to start thinking about Christmas food. It takes a while to  make and all you need to know about today is how to soak the fruit, as it takes the best part of a week to absorb all the spices and alcohol.


Here’s what you need:

500g sultanas

250g raisins

250g dried apricots, quartered

200g cut mixed peel

200g glace cherries (we use those dark ones) halved

100g French prunes, quartered

Grated zest of a lemon and an orange

Juice of an orange

Pinch of saffron

100ml brandy or rum



Mix all the above together in a large bowl or plastic box. Cover and put in the fridge or somewhere cool for a week. Tumble or stir fruit about occasionally to ensure all are plumping nicely.


We'll cook the cake in a week's time so if you want to join us, add the following to your shopping list for next weekend:


250g butter

200g light muscovado sugar

5 eggs

200g walnut (or pecan) pieces

300g plain flour


Waitrose recipes

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