The Kitchen Revolution



Being busy working women with families to feed, we are always looking for short cuts to brilliant meals here at The Women’s Room and consequently got very excited when one of our readers from deepest darkest Wales (thanks Lindsey) pointed us at the clever idea that is The Kitchen Revolution. Set up by Random House publishing, the authors are three experienced cooks and writers, Rosie Sykes, Polly Russell and Zoe Heron

A great looking website (it’s also a book)  the idea behind TKR is that it offers up a meal idea for every day of the year in a totally practical way, doing a Big Meal From Scratch one day, followed by Something From Nothing, a tasty way to use up the leftovers the next day. So it’s fashionably thrifty.

It uses seasonal produce, aims to reduce waste (apparently we throw away almost one third of our food weekly) and even writes out the shopping list for you. Clever stuff. Best of all it has great recipes to follow for a variety of needs. Christmas is going to be easy…

The Kitchen Revolution


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