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Many years in the fashion industry either designing, buying or visual merchandsing have left us a little jaded when it comes to shopping. Often the high street leaves us cold as the whole shopping experience just doesn't do it for us any more. It's no longer good enough to just 'go shopping'. We are too intelligent to see retail as a viable hobby.

This time of year bring out the worst in us and we positively rebel at the thought of getting out there and worshipping at the corporate temples of materialism. We are thinking about presents a lot more, what they mean, what use they have and whether we actually need them.

Don't get us wrong, we are not suddenly turning into bikenstock with sock wearing eco-crusties. It's really simple; if we are going to spend money in the new year ahead, it has to be on something that is unique, high quality and means something, either emotionally or phsyically. This could mean we are buying a cheaper, hand crafted scarf from Etsy or a more expensive piece from Vintage Academe. The thinking behind either purchase is the same. Do I need it, do I love it and what purpose will it serve?

We are on a mission to bring you the best online and offline retail that offers unique product in a appealing environment, that speaks to us in some way.

One of our most recent finds is Bouf, a beautifully designed, easy to navigate homeware website. Set up by designer Alex Griffin, it features practical, stylish homeware and gifts from a wide variety of designers.

Prices range from £5 to £5000, so there is something for everyones budget. Our current favourite item on the site is this hand blown glass light from Elin Isaksson. But at £4500 we know it would have to be a purely emotional purchase!


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